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Shove It


Mixed Signals - Experimental Short, DVX100A
Sugar Movie - Experimental Short, DVX100A
Stimulus Device Tracking - Experimental Short, DVX100A
Rorschach Motion - Experimental Short, DVX100A
Shove it - Experimental Short, DVX100A

Prayers to an Unknown Saint - Experimental Short, DVX100A
After and Before - Experimental Short, DVX100A
Journeys to the Bridge Within - Experimental Short, DVX100A
Disassemble Dead - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Antz Jam - Experimental Short, Digital Video
OMG WTF TBD - DVX100A , Experimental Short
Rolling, Crunching and Sliding Through Cambridge, MA on a Dark, Damp New England Sidewalk - DVX100A , Experimental Short
Epic Poem About the Possibilities of What and the Why that is Always Here in the Now - DVX-100A
The Quest - Experimental Short, DVX100A

Artist Documentary of Zsuzsanna Szegedi - Documentary, Digital Video
Rolling Writer - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Bristle Flight - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Benny Saves the Day - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Twitchy - Experimental Short, Digital Video

Death of a Metaphor - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Kids With Rocks - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Zero Day at Step 3,763,451 - Experimental Documentary, Digital Video
Drunken Origami Master - Experimental Short, Digital Video
At the Point of Death - Experimental Short

Tea Fetish - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Cotton Candy Sky - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Fibonacci ’s Infernal Machine - Experimental short, Digital Video
The Corn Monstrosity - Experimental Short, Digital Video
Trees - Experimental Short, Digital Video
The Trunk Incident - Experimental Short, Digital Video


2009 - My Heart, Digital Video, Music Video for The Castanets, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: Director of Photography
2009 - Miami Dentist, HD Short, Directed by Dave Baeumler Currently in Post Production, Role: Director of Photography
2009 - Party Like It’s a Verb, HD, Feature, Post Production, Directed by Rob Peyrebrune, Role: Grip, P2 Download Assistant
2009 - Q is For Quality, Digital Video Short, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: Director of Photography
2009 – Good Work, Super 16, Narrative Short, Directed by Mike Fleisch, Role: Extra, Production Assistant
2009 – Ned Greens the Office Refugees, HD, Commercial, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: Prop Coordinator
2008 - Jackistan, DVX100A, Short, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: Second camera
2008 - Jet Lag, HD Short, Directed by Derek Frank, Role: Assistant Editor
2008 - The Thrilla in Wasilla - Rescuing the Future of America, Super 8, Short, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: Prop Coordinator, Lighting
2007 - Stand Up Mandy, Short, DVX100A, Directed By Jeff Stern, Role: PA, Sound, Lead character. Best use of prop & best musical awards
2007 - Sold, DVX100A, Road Film, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: PA, Sound
2006 - The Romantic Possibilities, 16MM Feature Pilot, Directed by Jeff Stern, Role: PA, Dolly Grip, Set Consultant
2005 – Staircase - Experimental Short, DV, Collaboration with Mike Cimpher
2005 - Glen Echo, Short, DVX100A, Directed by Michael Cimpher, Role: 2nd camera, assistant sound
2004 - Yes, Experimental Short, Digital Video, Collaboration with Mike Cimpher
2003 - Eric, Directed by Michael Cimpher, Experimental Short, Role: Assistant Camera
2001 - Penchant, Super 8, Directed by Sujay Sood, Experimental Short


2009 – Brian Higgins Award
2007 - New England 12 Hour Film Competition
2007 - National Film Challenge
2006 - 2008 Boston 48 Hour Film Competition (Top 10 Finalist in 2007)
2003 - 2008 Open Screen “Best Of” Award