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white noise


To me experimental video leaves space for creativity of uncategorized visual effects that can be used as tools of emphasis. Exploring techniques that are not accepted or have no place in the video world allow me to broaden the boundaries of the medium. I give particular attention to in camera optical effects, lens choice and manual photo techniques vs. postproduction effects that are often lifeless and inorganic to me.

Working on video experiments also result in creating artificial environments. I often show a contrast between staged beauty and raw reality and investigate their relationships.  To me these events have the ability to take on an orchestrated absurdity that often unexpectedly mimic our existence. My current project “Manufactured Sensibilities” analyses sensibility and perception on an abstract level and uses man made and natural materials to emphasize conflict. The exhibit explores the relationship between controller and controlee, and questions who exactly – beyond will – is responsible for ways of thinking, seeing, perceiving and sensing the same world. This exhibit is an installation walkthrough of individual scenarios that are part of a larger system, a standardized industrial workflow.

Mike Szegedi (b. 1971, Bridgeport, CT) has shown work around Boston including the Coolidge Corner, Kendall and Somerville Theater. Aside from his experimental work he collaborates with local filmmakers and artists on projects ranging from features, shorts, documentaries, commercials and music videos. Szegedi holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Since 2000, he has been working in the underwater robotics industry building unmanned submarines used for oceanographic exploration and research. Szegedi lives in Hudson, MA with his wife and two children.